2021 Top Choices

White Wines

1st Choice – Horgelus Sauvignon Blanc / Colombard: very fruity with lots of grapefruit flavours.

2nd Choice – Villa D’Adige Pinot Grigio: refreshing style and a dry clean palate.

3rd Choice – Cote du Rhone Chateau Marjolet: Creamy with floral and stone fruit scents.

4th Choice – Malborough Sauvignon Blanc: rich passionfruit, gooseberry & melon fruit aromas.

Red Wines

1st Choice – Baron Rothchild Pinot Noir: soft & juicy with red berry fruit and hints of vanilla.

2nd Choice – Waki Malbec: plums, cherries with sweet spices and red fruits.

3rd Choice – Carta Vieja Merlot: medium-bodied wine but with a full bouquet of berries.

4th Choice – Marjolet Cotes du Rhone: a full distinctive bouquet, elegant and fruity.


1st Choice – Pirani extra dry Prosecco: dry white peach aromas. Quite fruity in flavour, sweet though not excessively, mostly with yellow fruits and citrus notes.

2nd Choice – Prosecco Spumante Paroluini: a fine wine with very elegant bubbles and a medium dry finish.

2nd Choice – Grandial, method champagne: Dry and very smooth, great taste and good bubbles.

3rd Choice – Nos Amours Blanc de Blanc Brut: white fruit aromas upfront, easy and enjoyable; a great alternative to Prosecco.

4th Choice – Belle Vigne Champagne: a vibrant and fruity champagne with a nice clean finish.


1st Choice – Mojito: refreshing lime, mint, rum and sugar mix.

2nd Choice – Espresso Martini: a sumptuous mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso.

3rd Choice – Elderflower Collins: classic British cocktail, blended with lemons, elderflower and gin.