Bar Only

  • It is assumed that The Stable Bar will open for one hour prior to your wedding ceremony.
  • The Stable Bar will re-open at the end of the Wedding Breakfast for the evening reception.
  • The Stable Bar cannot be opened whilst your own drinks are being served, therefore once the bar re-opens in the evening no further bottles of your drinks can be opened. Bottles which are already open may remain for no longer than one hour before they are packed up for the bridal couple to take away the next day.
  • Pre-agreed bar tabs with the bridal couple require a deposit of 75% of the anticipated turnover in advance, with the remainder and any extras to be settled at the conclusion of the event (e.g at the end of the day).
  • A Stable Bar booking form will be supplied to the bridal couple and must be completed in advance, no later than six weeks prior to the wedding date.

Drinks Packages

  • It is assumed that The Stable Bar will open for one hour prior to your wedding ceremony and then throughout the day or during times agreed with you.
  • Drinks packages are available for a minimum of 50 guests.
  • If any of your wine package allocation is left over by the end of the Wedding Breakfast, it will continue to be served from the bar until finished.
  • We reserve the right to replace one wine with another of equal value should it become necessary. We will endeavour to contact you in advance if this circumstance occurs.
  • Ample quantities per head are included in the drinks packages, and a further additional stock of 20% is held in reserve. If further supplies are required during the event, your permission will be sought, and these will be billed in arrears at prices specified in your contract. These extras will be billed within seven days of your wedding with payment due within one calendar month.
  • You will be required to complete and return a bar and drinks package order form.

Booking and Payment Schedules for Drinks Packages

At least 8 weeks prior to the event:
You must complete and return the drinks package booking form, so a contract and invoice can be issued.

6 weeks prior to the event:
Final guest numbers and balance of invoice is required.

Within 7 days after the event:
Any payments accrued on the wedding day will be invoiced to the bridal couple.

Within one calendar month after the event:
Any outstanding invoices accrued on the wedding day to be settled.

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