Drinks Packages

How much choice do we have?

Your choices are limitless, but we will walk you through the options when we meet. There is something to suit every taste, theme and menu plan. Just get in touch for a meeting to discuss your preferences.

What if our guests drink more of one wine than the other?

Not a problem. We will make sure to have plenty of both available so, if there is a run on the red (or the white), we will just adjust supplies to meet demand. Providing both wines are from the same price band, there is no impact on the price per head and nothing extra to pay.

What if half a bottle of wine per head is not enough?

Again, we will have plenty of your chosen wines available just in case. If it looks like you are going to run dry (which would be unusual in our experience) we will let you know and supply more if that is what you would like to do. Prices for any additional bottles of the wines you have chosen, along with our payment requirements, will be laid out in your contract.

What about quantities per head?

We allow for a generous amount with three reception drinks, half a bottle of wine and a glass of fizz for each guest. In our experience this should be plenty, and will more than satisfy your guests!

What about cost per head?

We will guide you through the options and quote you a price accordingly, but generally the main package is between £15.00 – £20.00 per head.

Bar Service

What beer do you serve?

We have a good range of bottled lager beers on our bar list and a draught beer from Arundel Brewery on the pump as standard. However, if you require something special let us know and we will see what we can do.

How are drinks from the bar paid for?

We can arrange things however you like. The main options are to:

• Charge all guests as they go. We charge normal pub prices and can take cash or card/contactless payments.

• Provide a free bar for guests, up to a pre-agreed sum, and then switch to a pay bar later if necessary. We require a deposit payment in advance for this. See our terms and conditions for details.

• Provide a free bar for guests throughout the event, providing you with updates on the total spent as we go, allowing you to settle the remaining bill after the event. We require a deposit payment in advance for this. See our terms and conditions for details.

• Take drinks tokens for guests to exchange for their first drink ‘on the house’ or arrange for nominated people such as the best man to greet and bring new arrivals to the bar, with payment settled at the end of the evening. This can work well if, for example, you have a second wave of guests coming for the evening and want to make sure they are given a welcome drink when they arrive.

• Provide a free bar service for specified key people, such as the bride and groom and immediate family, with payment settled at the end of the evening.

What happens to the drinks we provided when the bar is opened?

Due to licensing restrictions the bar cannot be open while you are serving your own drinks. The Stable Bar will open at the end of the Wedding Breakfast for the evening reception and no further bottles of your drinks can be opened form this point onward. Bottles which are already open may remain for no longer than one hour before they are packaged up for the bridal couple to take away the next day.

What about payment for the bar?

If you are just using the licensed bar then there is nothing to pay on booking as we open and staff the bar for free. However, if you are choosing our drinks packages or putting a pre-arranged sum ‘behind the bar’ we will bill as per our terms and conditions which include an advance payment.

Do you take card?

We take cash, card and contactless card payments behind the bar.

Remember, if you have any other questions or if you just want to chat about your plans, get in touch.

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